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If you're coming from the Warriors Forums, welcome! I'm glad to have you.

Awaken has been around for several years and thus far has not really done much of anything. I've been trying to get it going, but when you have like 3 friends and no way to get the message out, that's kind of difficult. So needless to say, as sad as I am to see the Warriors Forums go, it may prove to be advantageous to the rise of this site. I hope you'll join my in trying to make Awaken a great place to roleplay.

Because of the situation, I've actually added an entire "Erin Hunter" category, which includes a roleplay, discussion, and fanart/fanfiction section just for Warriors, Seekers, and Survivors. Because I don't expect that many people to join, and I didn't want to clutter the site too much, I just sort of lumped them together, but I hope that will be okay. It'll get more traffic to anything Seekers and Survivors-related, and the latter still shouldn't overpower the Warriors topics.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to PM me. I want to take everyone's opinions into account when moving forward with and making changes to this site, so that everyone can be happy with the community that will hopefully develop within it.

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I hope this website goes well. ^^ There are already four sites that members of the original EHC members have moved to. Five, if you include Figment, where most WFF members have gone. Tuesday has her Tuesday Challenges up again on August 2nd, which I'm looking forward to.

I'll try my best to support this site and hope that more members join up. I've mentioned it in a couple of my signatures on the other sites as well.

Hey you've got chat rooms! Awesome! ^^ 

Hey, sorry I just saw this comment. But thanks a lot for trying to promote this! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm sorry if the site isn't too exciting at the moment; it's difficult to make it that fun with only like 14 members (most of which are never active). Still, I'm hoping that if we manage to get more members it'll become more lively, and I greatly appreciate any help you give in that!

No worries. I'll check for new topics as frequently as I can and even try join in some topics that I may not normally look at. Usually people are more active if they see activity, which I guess is quite hard to start.

All the new forums created by EHC members are currently having activity troubles due to everyone being so wide-spread. A lot of people are still lingering on the closing EHC forums as it's a familiar environment. Adjusting the new setouts and systems are the hardest part for people moving on. I'm switching from one to the other repetitively trying get myself used to each one and find some sign of activity.

So far (honestly) I've only found one place that seems like it'll stick. most WFF (Warriors-Fanfiction writers/readers) participants have joined an 'already active' site  called Figment and it seems as though they have the best chance atm at staying together. Tuesday is hosting her Tuesday Challenges again (which I love participating in as I enjoy writing and it takes up some of my time with the bonus of guaranteed feedback.). Although we currently have only 13 members in our group for 'Tuesday Challenges', and we have about 14 or so in our WFF Refuge group. I actually believe we only had a few people participating to start off with and I actually think we have twice as many now, but idk, I've only participated in it for 3 weeks before it went on Hiatus. 

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