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Long ago, there was one Clan that ruled the forest. This Clan had no name besides "The Clan;" after all, with no other Clans, why would it need a name to differentiate it? But as always, over time there became disharmony. It has been countless moons, seasons, and generations since this occurred, and so no cat living or dead now remembers the cause of the split, but still it came. The cats warred among themselves. When they divided, the territory was not large enough for two Clans to survive in separate territories, though they tried for many moons. Cats starved and died. And finally, the leaders of both of the new Clans came together on the newleaf equinox- the time when night and day are the same length- and came to an agreement.

The two Clans would share their territory, but they would only use it at certain times. The one that would become SunClan would hunt during the day, while the Clan that is now MoonClan would hunt only at night. Dusk and dawn were rather ambiguous times, and so it was decided that both Clans may walk the territory in the half-light but neither may hunt. However, if a SunClan cat should be out of camp or the small area around it, it would be considered trespassing; the same for MoonClan, but during the day. Both Clans claimed small patches of land around their camps that was exclusively their territory, but the rest of the land was for both. And thus the rather unique balance of modern SunClan and MoonClan was created.


Ɽσȴɛpȴαy Ɽυȴɛȿ

Follow the forum rules and ghost rules, which I shouldn't have to reiterate here. Primarily, though, no flaming, spotlighting, or powerplaying.

Don't roleplay other people's characters, or otherwise control their actions in any way, without their permission first. Also, do not effect them in any major way (such as injuring, killing, or otherwise attacking them) without allowing them to respond first. Any instance where a character is injured or killed in such a way will not be considered "canon" unless the roleplayer of the injured/killed character deems it so.

No mary-sues/gary-stus, and no "-ests." Your cat can be very good at something, but it's difficult to say that they're the absolute best at anything. And they have to have some flaws. Otherwise, how would they get any character development?

Obviously, keep things pg. That means no very graphic descriptions of violence, no foul language, and nothing else that would be considered inappropriate for children. Queer characters are definitely allowed (thought I should specify since some people would consider that 'inappropriate').

Try to be descriptive and original. Make replies long enough for others to reply to without making them so long that they get boring (unless, of course, the only way to relay an event is through a very long post. Then, go for it). Don't be redundant; try to change posts up, and give more than just "He walked to the fresh-kill pile and got a mouse" or "She padded out of the warriors' den and sat down in the sun." Describe how they did it, what they felt like or what they were thinking, what their plans for the day were, or anything else to spice it up and add some scope to the character.

Keep characters realistic please. This goes for behavior as well as appearance. In reference to appearance, obviously cats aren't always going to be 100% realistic in how they look, but try to keep it believable if nothing else. So nothing crazy, like purple eyes or perfect star markings on their cheek. As far as behavior goes, just try to make them three-dimensional. Give them emotions and motives for doing the things they do, and make sure you keep their personality consistent. Give them realistic strengths and weaknesses that allow them to contribute to the Clan and grow as a character without being too perfect or so flawed that it's annoying.

I reserve the right to reject any players that I don't consider literate enough or to remove players who don't obey these rules or contribute to the roleplay in an interesting and constructive way.

If you are gone for more than two weeks without prior warning, I will remove you and your characters will go to the inactive section. I will not go chasing you down; liking your posts should be reminder enough.

If you claim a high-ranking position such as leader, deputy, or medicine cat, you must be especially active (check & update at least 6 days of the week, but preferably more). Everyone else should still be active, but as long as you don't trap other peoples' characters and are on relatively frequently, I'm not too concerned about activity.

All major roles (leader, deputy, medicine cats) must designate at least one other person who is online more frequently/at different times than themselves who they give permission to roleplay said leader/deputy/medicine cat if (and only if) they are needed in an emergency. This includes things like critical wounds that the medicine cats need to heal now, or attacks to camp that the leader or deputy must respond to, or anything else that needs prompt attention. These people will be listed as "alts." under the major character's claim.

As for everything else, it's just the usual: please don't leave and never come back; if you break the rules you may be deleted depending on the severity of your offense; please use () [] or something of the sort to separate in-character from out-of-character; no spamming unless you are requesting someone to go somewhere, etc. etc.


Ƭħɛ Ẅαɾɾίσɾ ℭσđɛ

Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from outside the Clan, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.

Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.

Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires or is exiled.

After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.

Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.

No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from outside the Clan.

The word of the Clan Leader is the warrior code.

An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his/her battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.



- [nothing yet]

7-11-2016 MoonClan is created and opened for joining.


ℇɳⱴίɾσɳɱɛɳϯαȴ Íɳʄσ

SeasonLate greenleaf
Weather:  Hot and sunny, but with a cool breeze that betrays the coming leaf-fall
Moon Phase: New Moon



Territory Page
SunClan Camp



♥ = mates
+ = had kits but are not currently mates
♦ = mentor/apprentice
♣ = littermates
♠ = siblings but not from the same litter
= = parent(s) of
/symbol/ = adopted relationship
[name] = dead
name = outside the Clan
(symbol) = secret/unknown relationship

Honeystar ♥ Snowfeather = Crowpaw ♣ Songpaw ♣ Blossompaw

? ♦ Crowpaw
? ♦ Songpaw
? ♦ Blossompaw



A couple things about the form:
1) Please delete categories that don't apply. So if your cat has no mate, please just delete the mate category.
2) Please state the age in moons, not years or months.
3) Skills & weaknesses mostly refer to physical traits, not personality strengths/flaws (those should be described in personality, after all). Please have a balance of strengths and weaknesses. Obviously some cats will be overall better at being a warrior and some overall worse, but all cats should have at least one natural strength and one natural weakness.
4) The "virtues" category is only for cats who have been made warriors (or full medicine cats). These would be the traits identified by the leader at their warrior ceremony, with "StarClan honors your _ and _." This serves to sort of summarize the cat's personality at a glance.


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MoonClan & SunClan

MoonClan & SunClan's territory rests in a fertile mountain valley. The summers are warm but mild, while the winters are harsh. MoonClan's camp is located in the eastern part of the territory; a cave that tunnels into the side of a small mountain. MoonClan territory includes the rocky hills surrounding the camp. The camp consists of one large cave, with other tunnels and burrows splitting off from it.

☀ The leader's den is a ledge in the main part of the cave. At the back of the ledge is an alcove, where the leader makes their nest. Over time, cats have built a sort of makeshift wall out of stones, branches, and dirt that gives the leaders' den some privacy from the rest of the cave. The ledge is called the High Ledge and is where the leader makes announcements. ☀

☀ The medicine den is at the back of the cave. A somewhat large tunnel leads downward, and there is a cavern with many stalagmites and stalactites. Patients make their nests here, while the medicine cats nest in a place sort of set off from the rest by a group of stalagmites. They also store their herbs in this part of the cave, in the crevices of the cave walls. ☀

☀ The warriors' den is an area set back from the rest of the cave. It's not an entirely different cavern, per se, but it is a large alcove or indentation in the wall that is somewhat hidden from the view of the main part of the cavern. This cave is filled with ledges, alcoves, and dips in the floor, and boulders, all of which serve as spaces for warriors to make their nests. ☀

☀ The apprentices' den is in a large split in the cavern. There is a low-roofed but wide cavern with many stones and alcoves in the walls where apprentices make their nests. The floor in the middle is left open so that the apprentices can still practice things like stalking and fighting even during the day or when the weather outside is especially harsh. ☀

☀ The nursery is another cave split off from the main. It is a bit smaller than the apprentices' den, and consists of a small, round cavern with several dips in the floor where queens make their nests. ☀

☀ The elders' den is near the back of the cave, by the medicine den. It is a small alcove that, like the leaders' den, has been set off by a cat-built wall. The den is small but cozy, and almost always warm. ☀


Honeystar | Determined & Kind ☀
Invader Vyx | 91 moons
Old tawny tom with bright green eyes and a stumpy tail. The fur along his back is darker, as are his ear-tips. Covered in scars from many battles. Once muscular, but now thin and frail as he grows ever older. Honeystar is kind and wise, but generally reserved, always quietly listening to the problems of his Clanmates before giving his own input. While he tries to plan the best he can for his Clan, as his time draws to a close he finds his mind stuck somewhat in the past. | Mate is [Snowfeather]; kits are Crowpaw, Songpaw, and Blossompaw.



Halfnight | Brave & Quick-Witted ☀
Invader Vyx | 38 moons
Well-built tortoiseshell tom with light green eyes and a white chin, tail-tip, and a white patch on his chest. His fur is sleek but still soft, and his face is half black, half ginger. Halfnight is kind and generally light-hearted, but can be strict and serious if the time calls for it. Halfnight began his training as a medicine cat, but changed to a warrior when he decided he would like to have a mate and kits someday. Halfnight is not that great at hunting or fighting, being large and rather ungainly, but he is a good planner and does know how to throw his weight around. | N/A


ɛđίςίɳɛ ℭαϯ

Tornface | Intelligent & Proud ☀
Invader Vyx | 86 moons
Bulky long-haired dark brown tabby tom with pale green eyes, a rather flat muzzle, and a white chest, belly, and paws. Tornface is named for the scars that cover his face, neck, and shoulders from when he was mauled by a fox as an apprentice; his original name was Harepaw. Tornface is old and cranky, often complaining about trivial things, but is also very wise and understanding, and a patient teacher. | N/A



Pinetooth | Strong & Intelligent ☀
Invader Vyx | 47 moons
Long-legged, muscular tawny tom with a long black tail and black leopard spots. His lower hind legs, tail-tip, and ears are also black, and his large, narrow eyes are yellow-orange in color. Pinetooth is serious, quiet, and often a bit grumpy. He may seem a bit jaded and even bitter on the surface, but he is quite kind-hearted underneath, and has a soft-spot for young cats. He is a strict teacher and leader, but really doesn't like to have any authority over others, preferring to keep to himself and do his own thing. | N/A
Apprentice: N/A

Skywing | Skilled & Quick ☀
Invader Vyx | 26 moons
Big but lithe pale gray she-cat with sky blue eyes and black ears. She has a long scar on her flank from when an eagle tried to carry her off as an apprentice. Skywing is a good hunter but an even better fighter, something in no small part due to her determination to survive after the eagle attack, and something she is not afraid to boast about. She often challenges authority, something most cats find more amusing than threatening. Skywing feels as though she is destined for greatness, and will tell that in great confidence to any cat willing to listen. | N/A

Apprentice: N/A



Invader Vyx | 13 moons
Long-furred, long-legged white tom with one pale blue eye, one pale green eye, and unusually long claws and fangs. Crowpaw is reserved, distant, and perhaps even a bit cold most of the time, though he can be quite silly and playful when around those he is comfortable with. He has an odd sense of humor, and may find many things amusing that simply perplex other cats. Crowpaw is fairly strong and is an extremely fast runner, but he tires quickly when exerting himself and therefore cannot run or fight for long. He has an uncanny resistance to the cold, and is a decent swimmer, but he greatly dislikes the heat and it tires him even more quickly. | Parents are Honeystar and [Snowfeather]; littermates are Songpaw and Blossompaw.

Mentor: -

Invader Vyx | 13 moons
Small, slender white she-cat with large, innocent pale green eyes. Has a sweet, chirping voice and an innocent and meek demeanor, but in reality is quite manipulative and cruel, though she would never let it show to any of her Clanmates. She is extremely ambitious, desiring power for herself, and will do anything she can to control others. Songpaw is a good hunter, but because she is smaller than the other cats she is not as fast. However, she is a fantastic fighter, as she is small, nimble, and vicious. |
Parents are Honeystar and [Snowfeather]; littermates are Crowpaw and Blossompaw.
Mentor: -

Invader Vyx | 13 moons
Pretty, short-furred cream tabby she-cat with green eyes and a long tail. Her legs, chest, and belly are slightly lighter in color and lack stripes. She is quiet, humble, reserved, and extremely meek, and is not at all a fighter, though she's a great hunter. Still, she prefers to remain in the shadows, always trailing behind some other cat and never taking charge herself. Blossompaw is not that good at taking down large prey and is afraid of fighting, but she is a quiet stalker and is fantastic at hunting smaller prey like mice, squirrels, or rabbits, and even excels at catching birds. |
Parents are Honeystar and [Snowfeather]; littermates are Songpaw and Crowpaw.
Mentor: -


Ɋυɛɛɳȿ & Ƙίϯȿ

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