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I noticed the forum is a bit like a ghost town at the moment. If anyone wants to chat just 'like' this post to get my attention. I'm still watching this forum and so far the last activity was by me. ^^

I play Lords Mobile, Clash of the Clans & Castle Royale most oftenly. I have both LINE & WeChat. Although I don't play it too often anymore, I still like Minecraft. There are a range of other games I play too.

What games do you play?

(I've got this on email notification. I'm one of those really weird kids who ACTUALLY checks their email. :P And everyday at that & more often than I check any kind of Social Media. If I have a day where I don't recieve an email, I start to feel lonely. Lol, nah, if that happens I just find something else to waste my time on, or if I'm in a 'smart' mood, I'll study so I don't fail my courses.)
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Hello there! I appreciate the effort to bring some life to the forums :)

I play Minecraft too. I tend to go on binges (pretty much with all games) where I play it constantly for like a week and then not at all for a month or two lol. I do that with Minecraft, Sims 3, pretty much any Elder Scrolls game, Roller Coast Tycoon 3, and- most recently- Zoo Tycoon 2. I don't really play a lot of MMORPGs that much, since I don't generally like the gameplay much, and find it rather redundant, but the ones I DO play on occasion are Entropia Universe (which is frigging empty af kill me), Wildstar, and Eden Eternal. I gave ESO a try but it just didn't have the charm the other Elder Scrolls games do and you have to pay for an expansion to get the Dark Brotherhood so screw that basically lol. I also tried RIFT and World of Warcraft but neither really drew me in much.

Ooh nice. I prefer Minecraft on PC when playing multiplayer, since I get bored of single-player quite quickly. But I play Minecraft on Xbox more than Minecraft on PC. And I usually binge-play on a Xbox Minecraft world one week every holidays and in between that time (like 3 months) I don't play it at all. Me and my sister started this world like 6 months ago? And we've only played it for like 2 weeks in total so far, but we seem to go back to it every holidays. It is in Creative Mode (We're such cheaters. :P We just don't like playing to mine, we enjoy the building part more and my sister hates PvP so we don't go near that) So far we built the courtyard of a castle, a floating ship, a roller coaster, a couple of statues (all my sisters doing with the statues, I did the rollercoaster cuz I was bored and I think I'm obsessed with the Fireworks and beacons), a couple of bridges, two custom villages, I linked a few nether portals for easy travel, built a gate... Just random stuff that supposed to fit in medieval times (except or the rollercoaster and possible the statues... and the floating ship). I'd give photos except I have no idea how to screenshot on Xbox One and we haven't touched the Xbox since last holidays.....

I've got Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox but don't get to play it much since my brother and sister wants to play too. I think I just went overboard with the Khajiit. I gave her a pet cat and I'm possibly gonna get her a cat mount (I'm not obsessed with cats! I just thought it amusing to have everything common). I can't quite remember what class I gave her...  It might have been Nightblade... I only have ESO though, sadly...I'm sure there might be various Zoo Tycoon's. I had a Zoo Tycoon 2 on DS but that was quite a long time ago. A Zoo Tycoon on PC, which was quite cool, but also stopped playing a long time ago. Rarely play downloaded games on PC anymore and I no longer have any kind of DS (all were sold to get an Xbox)…

World of Warcraft amazed me when I first played. it. I think I was obsessed with exploring more than completing the quests. But I didn't really know how to properly play then (Actually I think I still don't know how to properly play it. We no longer own the game though, but I might hop on the demo now & again although rarely.)..

I enjoy games with multiplayer more than single-player. I used to play Mobile Strike, but spent $7 and messed up. Besides that game has too many ads! The whole screen is almost covered. I prefer Lords Mobile over it. I just enjoy the game mainly for the chatting & conflict I guess... (Now that I think of it, I don't really know why I'm drawn to the game. Sense of responsibility, maybe? 'Fake' Loyalty to your guild? No I think it's just the chat....)..I haven't played Entropia Universe, Wildstar, RIFT or Sims 3 though. I used to play on a website called ROBLOX, when it wasn't so... different. I do sometimes play G-Mod & Forest on Steam PC. My brother refuses to let me or my sister touch GTA5 Xbox 360. He keeps the Xbox 360 to himself and sometimes disconnects the Xbox One from the internet so he can play it with 'no connection interruptions'. At those times me and my sister play Minecraft as it requires no internet.

We've also got various CoD games. The only one I personally own is CoD Ghosts (& ESO I own too). We've got Halo (2, 3 & 4) too but it was abandoned once we got CoD...Most of these games though we only play over the holidays. Currently I'm favouring mobile games such as Lords Mobile, Clash of Clans & Clash Royale. I don't really have a lot of time during school anyway…

 Ah, such a long post. o.o..I think I might have just summed up my whole gaming career... almost. ^.^

Have you ever played Age of Empires? That was one game I really enjoyed when I was younger along with Red Alert 2.

Lol it's fine, I always go on tangents too XD

Anyways, yeah, I like to play multiplayer Minecraft as well, though I do enjoy having the freedom of my own worlds to do whatever I want. I find it peaceful. Those I usually do creative (so I feel ya; I don't like mining that much, I prefer to just build), but when I play with my friends usually it's survival since most of them prefer that. I do have it on my 360 but since I got the computer version I never play that one anymore.

If you have friends who have it for PC though, and you would like to play multiplayer with them, there are servers all over the place for things like survival or minigames, or even a lot of roleplay servers. I usually use Corbacraft, but Ophion is also good for Skyblock and minigames. Then Lord of the Craft is a very interesting medieval fantasy roleplay server (it's whitelist too), but the only problem with it is the world is huge and there's not enough people to fill it, so it's hard to find much to do that makes it very "roleplay."

Also, if you'd prefer to do your own worlds one-on-one (or in groups) with your friends, there's a program called the Evolve game client, which basically lets you connect to your friends via LAN but over the internet (normally you have to be on the same internet connection). It doesn't always work- it can be pretty buggy- but when it does work it's awesome.

I'm sure you already know a lot of that stuff, but I figured I'd tell you/explain just in case lol.

As for everything else.... Yeah, I play a Khajiit as well. I don't remember his name, since I didn't use my usual character (he wouldn't have been born yet) but he's part of the Ebonheart Pact. I've only played like once or twice though, it just didn't really hold my attention.

I had Zoo Tycoon (the first one, probs the same that you had) for the DS once but never played it; wasn't as good as the computer. I actually started with Zoo Tycoon 1 (which my dad had just happened to pick up real cheap at the flea market) and was super stoked when 2 came out. Of course, even 2 is super outdated now but I still love it. It's too bad the company kind of went out of business because I would love to have a ZT3, it would be super special awesome, but alas, tis not to be.

If you like just exploring worlds, and if you like sci-fi, I would recommend Entropia Universe. Same as Lord of the Craft, it's a massive game with not enough people to fill it and so comes off kind of empty, but unlike the former, there's plenty to do by yourself. It's a pretty challenging game, and the gameplay is a lot different from pretty much any other MMO I've seen (which is probably one reason why I like it so much), but the world(s) is/are massive and there's a lot to explore (especially if you don't wreck your buggy after 2 days.....). The fun part is, if you build up enough in-game money, you can actually convert it to real-life cash. You have to have a lot of it in game though (and it's hard to get) but still, it would be nice. The only problem with the game is you need a reasonably good computer to run it, but if your computer can run Minecraft well with fairly high settings you should be able to run Entropia on low. If not, then oh well I guess.

My little brothers play ROBLOX so much lol. I gave it a try before we discovered Minecraft was a thing and played it JUST for the building games, but I never got super into it.

Also (this just occurred to me) if you like the idea of having a "fake loyalty" to a group, I'm working on setting up a Proboards forum specifically for a six-Clan roleplay where each Clan has it's own forum that can only be viewed by members of the Clan. Each person also can only have one living cat at a time, and your profile is basically your character sheet, so you have to pick one Clan to be a part of at a time. Would you be interested in that at all? I could use a lot of help if you are; I need moderators/storytellers, as well as high-ranking cats for all the Clans, and thus far I've only managed to draw in like, one person lol.

Sadly none of my friends have Minecraft. So usually it's only me and my siblings who play it together. My brother loves PvP and Minigames, while my sister hates it. With all games in general, she's fine with going up against people she doesn't know but she hates playing against us. My friends don't really talk about games, etc. No, it's more about reading and going out to the beach, movies, sightseeing, etc. Most of the time it's about school, since we are in our senior studies it's almost basically everything we can think about.

I get quite lonely on single-player Minecraft so if I'm on the PC I prefer to go on multiplayer servers. But as I don't play it on PC often at all (Months, possibly a year since I last played it on the PC?) I more used to playing on the Xbox. Even though PC has better items, etc. such as mods, multiplayer servers, etc. I find it easier to just play Creative Single-Player on Xbox (which almost always ends up becoming multiplayer as controllers are picked up)  as I'm more used to the Xbox controls.

I've heard somewhat of those Minecraft Servers (i.e. I recognise their names), except for The Lord of the Craft. That's new and sounds interesting.

I've tried to set up multiple servers, following multiple guides I've found on the internet. I've only suceeded once but it was actually run on the computer itself and closes when the computer closes + it was super laggy. I think that was the first time i set up a server and using that server download on the Minecraft Download page. All the others after that failed (without using that server download). I used up the Minecraft Universe trail, so learning about the Evolve game client now is great. Thanks. When the holidays start up again, I'll try it out.

I will see if I can get Entropia Universe too... although by your description, it won't run on my small computer so I'll have to download it on the desktop computer. For that I'll need permission, I might try it out over the holidays too.

First time I came across ROBLOX was 2011/12, somewhere around that time. I'll have to log onto my very first account to check, but I don't feel up to visiting the site again at the moment as I'm afraid to see even more "improvements" made to it. I liked it how it was when I was in Year 6, it was like you could do whatever you wanted to (you had to option to get unlimited membership too, although I never really went for it). It has become more professional now, and the very last time I checked the website, they had gotten rid of TIX currency which was the currency you received for free. Upon that discovery I kind of hated the site from then on (money-hungry website alert) , but I may still hop on the play the older game Sandbox by RedAlert2 (unless he's changed his name - and yeah named after the game Red Alert 2). My 2nd account is fashioned up 'n stuff, etc. 'cause I actually did spend money on it between 2012-15. But yeah I almost never play there anymore.

Proboards Clans? Sounds interesting. I was playing around with a proboards forum of my own not too long ago. Played a bit with the plugins such as the sidebar, monetary system, monetary shop, NPC's etc. I even embed a few free games into custom pages to see if that worked. I fiddled around with the group and built the forums based on the idea of Lords Mobile Guilds. So that allied guilds could maybe communicate? That was before I tried LINE out for myself though, plus I didn't actually think it would work. I added translation buttons too (header and footer = translates whole page from one language to another), but they were terrible at translating (based off Microsoft and Google translators). I dropped the idea after that. I think I've only directly edited the html of the page once. Also, I know what you mean about having a private board etc.

Yeah I'm totally interested!:D [Big Grin)

Note: I will be quite busy over the next three weeks. End of Preliminary exams starting in a week and a half and going over two weeks, so I'll just be studying. But I'll be as active as I'm like right now, but I may disappear for up to a week in the midst of the exams.  Right after the exams though I have a two week holiday until Yr 12 starts.

Also today is the first day of Spring! So happy... ( - Oh please don't rain again! ^^)

Oh I haven't tried any of the plugins, I didn't realize that's what those were. I'll have to take a look at those *insert Steven Universe star-eyes*. After all something like that might be useful. Perhaps not as much on THIS forum that I'm making since it's Warriors (though I may be able to use to to automatically keep track of some things....) but I have lots of other ideas for browser games and such that I've always wanted to make so if I can figure that out >:)

But yeah, for the Clans, basically it'll mostly be a regular roleplay but it'll have tabletop aspects (like Warriors Adventure Game, which is basically simplified D&D. And of course my system is a simplified version even of that for the sake of ease). So each cat also has a few stats (currently they're listed as strength, endurance, agility, speed, and perception) which are used in activities such as fighting or hunting (though hunting just happens automatically in any season but leafbare; the only time you can mechanically fail is in leafbare so that there's a chance of the Clan running out of food and starving). I'm currently working on the gameplay guide, which just explains how all the rolls work and such. But yeah, I'm in need- as I mentioned- of "storytellers" who are basically moderators who deal with combat and such, making the rolls for other cats and telling them the results of their actions. Storytellers also get to plan/roleplay things such as natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, or non-cat enemies like badgers or foxes. So if you're interested in that, you're welcome to have a storyteller role. If not, I do need leaders, deputies, or med.cats for all the Clans, and if you're not interested in that then just joining is also fine. But I like you so I figured I'd give you the option of filling a more important role if you want. The fact that you won't be all that active for a while shouldn't be a problem since it'll probably take that long for this to kick off anyways, if it ever does.

Virtual dice? Nice!  Yea sure I'd go for the storyteller/moderator. I would probably leave leaders, med-cats, etc. open to others.

Since my site basically had no real purpose I was just randomly cruising through the plugin library. I found a plugin which allows you to have recent posts displayed in the sidebar (although it takes two plugins for it to look good - the sidebar plugin + the recent threads plugin), similar to the EHC forums when you're viewing a post. NPC's are kind of cool since users can impersonate them, according to the description. Maybe useful for badgers, foxes? Just as a suggestion. I noticed you can add textboxes to the profiles... I think you don't need a plugin for that... There are tons of plugins which depend on other plugins which is kind of annoying but usually it's a common plugin required for most (I think 'Yootil' is one of the main ones.). There are also plugins that allow you to add icons next to threads/boards. 

(Also... I believe I just jinxed myself with the previous post...)

Lol yeah I'm in Florida and there's a small hurricane/tropical storm I guess on either side of the state or something? So it's been raining nonstop for like 24 hours. Except right now. And I stepped outside for like 0.34245463 seconds and was immediately covered in sweat because the air will literally drown you rn. (I assume you're talking about the raining thing. Which also just registered to me that if it's spring for you then you must be in the Southern Hemisphere. Can I ask where you're from? [if you're uncomfortable saying you don't have to answer that lol] I just find it fascinating when people are from drastically different places from me, particularly foreign countries).

But yeah, I was fiddling around with the plugins yesterday. I got the virtual dice, something that lets me give each board a different background, a "random" weather generator, something that lets me make falling leaves/snow/whatever on the screen, a mini-profile icon thing that will hopefully let me put a Clan symbol next to users' names to show which Clan they're in, one that hides Proboards' default avatar maker (because it's awful), and something that lets me put "title images" in all the forums under the categories. So mostly stuff to just kind of lend to the appearance/world of the Clans I suppose.

Yep. I got soaked head to toe, to school and back yesterday, since I ride a motor-scooter. I would probably have been better off catching the bus like I used to do. Even better would have been getting a car license instead of a rider's license, but my parents won't let me touch the car. We had a low-pressure system pass over us according to the weather forecast. Today is is extremely windy but luckily no rain. I'm from the eastern side of Australia, near the Sydney area, in New South Wales. Now that it's Spring, it's going to get very hot, very quickly.

Nice. the 'random' weather generator and falling snow/leaves sounds interesting. I haven't come across that one yet. I have seen the mini-profile icon thing but didn't add that one to my forums. but i think I may have added the icons for the different threads. I've seen the different coloured categories but also left that one alone since I didn't like the way it 'might' have looked on my forums.

If I check my plugins now I've got Yootil, Member Gallery (which doesn't seem to be working but that could be my fault not the plugin's), Classic Proboards Menu (which I'm fiddling with), V-pop (haven't tested yet), Sidebar Redux (works great!), Happy Birthday (literally called that, it either wishes the user or the forum happy birthday... I think it was the user), Recently Updated Threads Sidebar (On its own it messes up the layout but it works great along with the Sidebar Redux), Threads Icons, and NPC Profiles (haven't entirely tested yet). Those are all the plugins I currently have but I have tested a few more that I've removed such as the Monetary System & Monetary Shop.

I think you can also lock items in people's profiles so that only a moderator can edit it. I'll need to look to make sure but I remember coming across something along that line whether it is a plugin or not.

I've given that app 'Tapatalk' a try. I didn't like how my forums were displayed on it so if you make your forums available on the app, I would recommend you look at it through the app to see what it looks like. Some plugins are not compatible with the app either.

Note: I've changed my forum name on here. Hopefully it doesn't get too confusing. I've gotten a liking to the name Redhawk after I randomly used it once on a game. The avatar is an image I found while browsing the internet which I thought would look good along with the name.

Yeah I figured out it was you lol. It's not confusing.

Anyways, I don't have any kind of mobile device to test things with unfortunately, so I can't look. I'd have to ask one of my friends to do it for me.

And yeah, I did make a couple categories on the profiles that only moderators can edit, namely the stats. That's, of course, so people can't go boosting their stats. Everything else, though, you can edit at any time. I added a lot of profile fields, for things like character description & personality, Clan, rank, parents, mate, siblings, kits, virtues, and all that good stuff. Some only show up on the mini-profile (so when you post) like short description (like you'd see in the books) while some only show up on the full profile (like full description, which is a description more like what you'd see on a forum roleplay).

Also I unfortunately couldn't get the weather generator to work the way I want, but I can still use the falling pictures to my advantage to make the forums rain when it's supposed to be raining, or snow, or whatever else. I also made my admin profile's signature into the world information like moon phase, weather, and season so that it's on all the forum threads without my having to actually write each one out and change it when the information changes (because that would be a humongous pain).

It's okay. ^^ Yea mobile games are money-hungry, but I refuse to pay a cent. Instead of aiming to be the top player, I aim to be apart of a group that accepts players regardless of their in game rank. Besides it's not fun being the top player, you have to work to stay in the high position and it just ends up turning the game into a chore or job. In Lords Mobile, I'm a guild hopper and found a group of people that I chat to regardless of what guild they're in.

And I know what you mean about communities. Nevermind Zeon, the server I joined have people who talk wack. Avoid global chat, it's terrible. xD In Lords Mobile, the English & Chinese hate each other which is kind of sad, and players take the game way too seriously and start shooting insults at each other on some occasions... :/

And also that's okay. You don't have to type long replies. I don't actually plan on typing long replies, it just ends up happening. I believe it might be cuz I ramble on a bit & i keep coming up with stuff to add. xD

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Alrighty. Well, you are very much like me then, I don't spend anything on the appstore rather than buying games rarely. (Was thinking about mini metro) I think i'm bashing on mobile games for real is I have a bad experience with them. I just don't like how most of them play, (Take on there for instance) and hate waiting times, premium content etc...Which I suppose is elements of a cashgrab, but will you not find that anywhere on the appstore?


Sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm just in my assessment block at the moment & didn't have a chance to check here. until now. Next week I have my first exam plus the assignment I'm working on is due. Yelp. xD

Yea I have yet to encounter any games on the app store that are not cash-grabs. The one's I do encounter usually have a bunch of ads instead. A friend had me get GoW & gosh now that's a real pay to win game. If you spent money you grow power like it's almost nothing. Not enjoyable when you're a F2P, but I play it to keep my friend happy. She spend over a $100 on the game and is now up to 100 billion power. Then there's me who is only on 8 million. To compare: 100 000 000 000 vs 8 000 000 (I have no hope, that 8M took me over a month to get) xD

Anyway I enjoy playing games like GoW (but I kind of hate GoW itself - it bores me just looking at it) such as Lords Mobile (like the colours, heroes, & I have good, fun guildmates who sometimes ask me to try out other games with them), and Oceans & Empires (not so much, a friend suggested it, but i do find the Alliance cities in this one pretty cool). But you'll find me chatting more than actually trying to gain might or power. I guess I enjoy being a part of an actual guild and pretending to act superior (All you have to do is write formally & people think you're an experienced and smart player). But yea, I guess all games become cash-grabs eventually. If they don't, they'll be filled with ads. How else will they make money?

I also like some virtual games. Zeon was so far the best in terms of gameplay but the community on there is terrible. The quests, the dungeons & the controls are amazing, but what really hit me is he romance stuff which really is a bit too much and probably why the community might seem so corrupt. Idk. Just stay out of Global/All Chat.

I think so far good simple games that are not so much cash-grabs are Clash of Clans & Clash Royale. They still have in-app purchases, etc. but at least the players who do buy stuff don't get so powerful they smash everyone who doesn't have the money for it. Otherwise yea I have yet to encounter an app that does not demand money & is still very enjoyable to play. Not so good with Clash of Clans is that it does have waiting times, meanwhile with Clash Royale, there are no waiting times but it's pretty basic. Out of the two I like Clash Royale more as just a basic game where you don't really have to have the best cards to win, as it's based mostly on strategy and how you use the cards you have. Another downfall for these two games though is that it's hard to find a good clan/guild & stay in it.

I haven't played mini metro, nor, but have heard of them. At one point I was about to install but didn't really end up doing it since I was trying to limit the amount of mobile games on my iPod.

Um yea... Can see that after all this time I'm still playing the same games with the extra addition of Oceans & Empires. Anyway what PC games do you like? I haven't really played a lot of PC ones other than Kongregate (& other arcade websites),  G-Mod, Minecraft, WoW & Roblox (Maybe a couple others... I can't remember).

(And is Vyx still doing that ProBoards Forum Roleplay?) ^^

Oh I play ROBLOX, (although i'm sick of them, not cus i'm bored of the game just cus they've been making stupid desicions for a year) and Gmod. I'd love to play it with you if you have any time! Minecraft too, but minecraft I am fairly bored of.... And there's a site called thats the original one and the one i mostly play. On the topic of cash-grabs and the like, I much prefer ads over paying to win...

Yea. Maybe when the holidays come up in about 3 weeks. Just a bit busy atm cuz I'm in my examination block which runs for two weeks starting on Monday.

Yea I'm sick of Minecraft. Played it too much on the Xbox, but I still enjoy building stuff every now & then, so I tend to lean more towards creative mode. I haven't played PC much though, but I have an account.

G-mod's good, but I'm quite terrible at navigating the thing. I usually play Props & Death Runs mostly, I'm not familiar with anything else.

I heard of the site called now that you mention it. I might check it out one day. And yea I would kind of prefer ads over pay to win, but it depends on the game for me.

I kind of abandoned ROBLOX after they got rid of the option to buy 'unlimited' membership. Unlimited OBC used to be around $300. (I was upset cuz I was saving money for it, also I was young, like 12 years old, so I didn't know any better - All BC ever did was make you look good back then.) Later I started playing it again for a bit but all the new updates they made to the site kind of annoyed me, especially when they got rid of Tix. Now there's only Robux & ROBLOX just doesn't seem the same any more. I'd still play it, but I'm not as fond of it as I used to be. I might maybe check it out again later but I'm pretty sure it would have developed even more from when I was last on. I might as well be a noob, cuz I've missed out on so much.


Lol. Idk. I'm just busy & stuff. I barely even go on the new forums anymore. Just so much schoolwork. I could play GMod now, since it's holidays (probably my last until I reach 2018...) xD

I've also just become addicted to the LINE app.  So I'm on there talking now rather than on forums. It's a bit like Skype. I'm on mobile now more than on my PC.

Any way, how's it going? ^^

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